Map Sales Funnels like Christopher Columbus, sell like Unilever

A sales funnel is nothing more than narrowing down on clients, from potential to paying customers. If at the top of the funnel you have your potential customers (a big pool of people you believe could be interested in your product at some point in time), at the bottom you have the ones you have actually converted. Everything is between is the decision making process each client goes through before committing to you: WHAT they consider, and WHEN they consider it.

If you understand the decision making process, you can usher clients towards conversion by simply giving them a little push. Think back to your last trip to the supermarket. You wander down the corridors and every step will present you with an offer, a discount, a fabulous opportunity. These are brands trying to lure you into their own sales funnel by giving you a little push: a specific opportunity you have to action right there and then. These brands — Unilever, Proctor & Gamble, Kraft Foods of the world — have built empires on understanding their customer behaviours, and influencing them.

Spend your time understanding the decision making process: How your customers identify the problem or need they have, how they research for solutions, how they measure up alternative solutions, and finally what triggers the final decision.

Once you have that mapped out like Cristopher Columbus, you’ll be in a position to build a sales funnel which is 10 fold more effective than you current one.

Then you growth hack the living daylights out of it.